A Hidden Feature In Windows 11 Reveals A Radical Change In The Future Of The System


A new report stated that a new feature hidden in an early beta version of Windows 11 will allow users to configure their so-called “Cloud PC”, and it is believed that this feature reveals the future of the operating system for the most widespread personal computer in the world.

And as reported by the (New Win) website , which specializes in Microsoft news , the Albacore account on Twitter searched for version number 23419 intended for developers of the Windows 11 system, and noted that the (Settings) application of the operating system now contains options for how to access "Cloud PC", whether from a dedicated application or directly from your desktop.

The page also contains a section that allows the user to choose which ports, features, or peripherals to share with the Cloud PC. USB ports can be shared, which means that a USB storage disk connected to a PC can be accessed from any other device by accessing the "cloud PC".

The page also shows that the contents of the clipboard, printers, local storage disk, microphone, etc. can be shared.

It is not yet known what will happen later after the launch of the “cloud personal computer” feature, but if the feature is similar to a similar feature within the Windows 365 Business office subscription from Microsoft, then users will be able to access a virtual personal computer stored on the Internet. It works in the same way as for regular personal computers, and has the advantage of being accessible from any device connected to the Internet, whether it is a smartphone or a computer (Chromebook).

It is noteworthy that Microsoft has previously indicated that it is interested in moving the Windows system to the cloud, not only adding cloud functionality to Windows 365 Business, but also stating that the “cloud PC” is a new strategic plan established on Windows (Virtual Desktop) Windows Virtual Desktop to provide “desktop as a service.” Panos Panay, who leads the Windows team at Microsoft, spoke about the company’s efforts to make the “cloud personal computer” the future of Windows, which many consider “Windows 12.”

As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently stated, “The boundaries between the computer and the cloud are blurring.”

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