AWS Chatbot now integrated into Microsoft Teams

AWS Chatbot has now been integrated into Microsoft Teams by Amazon Web Services to facilitate communication between enterprise users and AWS cloud resources within a chat application.

The AWS Chatbot was launched in 2019 and became widely accessible in 2020. Its purpose is to allow enterprise development and IT teams to receive notices about AWS infrastructure resources through chat or productivity apps like Slack.

developer S├ębastien Stormacq explains that by using AWS Chatbot on chat platforms such as Microsoft Teams, users will receive notifications from AWS services directly in their chat channels. This allows them to take action on their infrastructure without having to switch to another tool by simply typing commands on the chat platform. In a blog post, it is stated that the individual working as a developer is also an attorney for AWS.

IM's connection with AWS services like Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) enables communication with AWS infrastructure and resources.

Amazon CloudWatch is a tool that automatically gathers and displays real-time statistics, event data, and logs. Meanwhile, SNS functions as a notification service for various AWS systems, microservices, serverless applications, and endpoints.

According to the company, AWS SNS has several applications such as Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, AWS Lambda and various HTTPS endpoints.

Through integration of AWS' EventBridge and SNS, the chatbot is able to transmit details about events to chat platforms that are compatible.

The AWS Chatbot integrated into Teams enables business customers to execute CLI orders for deploying notebooks that can tackle problems. The enterprise may produce shortcuts for extended and often forgotten commands by establishing aliases in the AWS Chatbot channel within Teams and additional software, according to the firm.

Notebooks store executable code for programs.

To incorporate an AWS Chatbot into Microsoft Teams, organizations must include the bot in the appropriate team or group within the program. Once that is done, the chatbot can be set up within either the AWS Management Console or the AWS Cloud Development Kit using the team's URL.

According to Stormacq's post, it is important for companies to establish rules and permissions for channel members on identity and access management. Additionally, they should connect social networking sites with appropriate notification topics.

In 2019, when it was introduced, AWS Chatbot could be used on Slack and AWS Chime platforms. Additionally, it is possible to receive notifications from other services such as AWS Health, AWS Budgets, AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty and CloudWatch through the use of AWS Chatbot. CloudFormation is another service that can also provide notifications.

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