Google Officially Announces The Availability Of Registration To Try A Cool Chat Bot


Google today officially announced the opening of access to its intelligent chatbot (Bard), as competition intensifies in the field of generative artificial intelligence.

After months in which emerging AI chatbots made headlines, the US tech giant said Bard had become available for trials for more users.

And Google explained in a post on its blog that users in the United States and the United Kingdom can register to try (bard) through the link: It added that it would make the bot accessible to more countries and languages over time.

The company said in its publication: “You can use (cold) to increase your productivity, speed up your plans, and arouse your curiosity. You might advise Bard to reach your goal of reading more books this year, explain quantum physics in easy terms, or stimulate your creativity by selecting a blog post. We've learned a lot so far with the (Bard) test, and the next critical step in improving it is getting feedback from more people.”

Google will put some barriers in place to ensure conversations between users and AI don't get out of control. It said it would cap the number of exchanges in dialogue "to try to keep the interactions useful and relevant." However, a company spokesperson said that this will not limit the number of daily chats.

Bard will display three different drafts for each response. Google expects the testing phase to help it understand how often people interact with Bard.

The launch comes after months of rapid testing, following the launch of the popular ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI last November, which has since been integrated into the new version of the Bing search engine and the Microsoft Edge web browser. Microsoft, in addition to many services and applications around the world.

Google was criticized by employees and investors after the initial launch of the (Cool) robot, and it seemed that it was rushing to compete with Microsoft.

Last Tuesday, Google announced a set of features based on generative artificial intelligence technology, coming to many desktop Workspace applications, such as: Google Docs, Gmail, and spreadsheets. Sheets, and Slides presentations.

Features include new ways to generate text, annotate and create it with AI in Google Docs, much like how people use chatbots (ChatGBT).

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