G.Skill Announces Bleeding Edge DDR5-8200 48GB Kit

Enthusiast-grade DDR5 bandwidth beyond 32GB

G.Skill has introduced five fresh Trident Z5 DDR5 memory packs for Intel processors, which contain newly created 24GB and 48GB capability DDR5 modules, and memory speeds that can reach up to 8200MT/s. The package with the 8200MT/s speed is set to become one of the fastest available on the market and will offer more than 32GB capacity.

purposes and tasks that require high-speed memory. However, it's important to note that only one kit of DDR5-8200 is capable of achieving this speed as listed in the specifications. This particular kit consists of two memory modules with a combined capacity of 48GB and timings of 40-52-52. In comparison to DDR5 kits with speeds of 5600MHz CL28 or 6000MHz CL30, this kit has lower memory latency which makes it suitable for tasks and purposes that require fast and efficient memory processing. Gaming applications, as well as tasks that require large amounts of bandwidth, perform significantly better.

In terms of speed, the second-fastest options are the DDR5-8000 dual-channel kit and the DDR5-7200 dual-channel kit. The 8000MT/s variation will have timings of 40-48-48, while the 7200MT/s version will have timings of 36-46-46. They both come with a DDR5 capacity of 48GB split into two sticks (2 x 24GB).

The remaining kits, which are the least fast among all the kits available, have speeds of 6800MT/s and 6400MT/s. However, they have significantly larger storage capacities. The 6800MT/s kit has timings of 34-46-46-, while the 6400MT/s kit has timings of 32-39-39. These two kits come in two different versions. Users can choose between two options: a kit consisting of two 24GB modules or a kit composed of two 48GB modules, resulting in a total memory capacity of either 48GB or 96GB.

G.Skill presented actual performance tests of their 48GB kit running at 8400MT/s and their 96GB kit running at 6800MT/s. These tests were conducted using MemtestPro 4.0 on a Core i9-13900K CPU and an ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 Hero. The results of both memtest runs demonstrated flawless stability with no errors detected in the kits.

have even more choices for DDR5 memory capacity, expanding the range beyond the traditional options of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB that were previously available on most mainstream platforms that used two or four memory sticks. This newly introduced higher capacity provides a variety of new options to consumers in the DDR5 market. You have the choice to select from 48GB, 96GB, and 192GB options that come with either two or four memory cards.

their required 80GB by having the ability to purchase individual RAM modules, rather than being forced to buy an entire kit that includes more than what they need. This will help users save money and optimize their system's performance. You can aim for a 96GB set that will cost less in terms of memory overhead. Additionally, you could opt for the 192GB choice which offers even more capacity than the previous maximum of 128GB. It is important to note that these recommendations are only applicable for mainstream platforms and not for HEDT or workstations with more than four DDR5 slots.

The kits have been created solely for DDR5 platforms by Intel and are compatible with XMP 3.0. Although it is possible to use them on the AMD Ryzen 7000 series, there is no assurance of stability and the sub-timings might not be set properly as they would be with an appropriate AMD EXPO kit.

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