Microsoft brings GPT-4 intelligence to doctors' offices

 Nuance Communications, a subsidiary of Microsoft, today reported the launch of Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) Express. This app is for healthcare professionals and uses artificial intelligence technology to record clinical notes.

de III), and converted into code that DAX Express uses to generate detailed and comprehensive clinical notes. The development team says the app helps improve the quality of healthcare, reduce medical errors and improve patient satisfaction with care services. GPT-4 is a technology from OpenAI.

Diana Knoll, executive vice president of New Orleans Healthcare, told CNBC that her company seeks to put the fun back into medical practitioners so they can care for more patients. She added, "Our main goal is to reduce the burden of knowledge acquisition and reduce the amount of time spent." The exact time must be spent for these administrative tasks.

Microsoft acquired Nuance for about $ 16 billion in 2021. The company gets profits by selling tools to detect and transcribe sound during patient visits to the doctor, from customer service, and voice mail. The DAX Express application complements the services offered by the Nuance system in the market.

(Nol) announced that the use of technology will be through the (Dragon Medical One) program, designed by (Nuance) and benefiting more than 550,000 doctors. And this program will help in identifying the authorized hadith in different applications.

It is noteworthy that (Dragon Medical One) is an application that relies on cloud storage to facilitate the workflow between doctors, as it works with voice control technology, which qualifies doctors to manage disease systems smoothly and effectively, and it can also provide its notes on the Dragon Express application installed on the desktop.

DAX Express is based on the original DAX application developed by Nuance, a Microsoft subsidiary, in 2020. It converts patients' speech into clinical notes, for the purpose of a human review process to verify its accuracy and high quality. This application also shows the notes in the medical record within four hours of the appointment.

Conversely, DAX Express creates medical notes in just a few seconds so clinicians can instantly view automated summaries of their patient visits.

Noll believes that therapists and doctors will want to provide a mix of different services, because each specialty has its own specificity and each disease has its own characteristics, and what is required is to have effective tools for these multiple visits.

The cost details of these applications were not disclosed by the US city of New Orleans, and they only announced that the price of the (New Orleans) technology will change depending on the number of users and the size of the health system.

(Nol) intends to provide DAX Express on a trial basis during the coming summer for a limited number of users, as part of a special preview program, and until this moment there is no specific timetable for the availability of the technology on a larger scale in (Nuance), as the company will benefit from the comments that You will receive it from the first users.

Noll says AI can support therapists and doctors in managing tasks, but practitioners are still involved in every step of the healthcare process. Supported the ability of a physician to take notes added by DAX Express and enter them into the electronic patient record; He can edit these notes a second time to accept responsibility for the changes.

She noted that benefiting from DAX Express will contribute to improving the experience of patients and doctors alike.

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