DirectX 12 Update Allows CPU and GPU to Access VRAM Simultaneously

This feature could reduce video game RAM utilization and CPU utilization.

Microsoft has introduced a novel enhancement for GPU optimization in collaboration with Resizable-BAR, known as GPU Upload Heaps, which permits the CPU to concurrently access the memory of the GPU. This feature can augment DX12 games' efficiency and diminish system RAM usage. The new addition in the Agility SDK allows data to be transferred directly from the CPU to the GPU, eliminating the need for data copying. This feature is currently accessible.

The precise consequences of this attribute are unclear, but it may provide substantial benefits in terms of performance. With graphics card memory capacities and VRAM usage in gaming increasing each year, the CPU must transfer increasing amounts of data between itself and the GPU.

days, so by accessing data directly from VRAM, game performance could be improved. Essentially, this feature enables games to run more efficiently and smoothly. This characteristic can result in a significant decrease in both RAM and CPU usage for a game simply by reducing the amount of data transfers. The reason for this is that the CPU will no longer need to have duplicate copies of information stored in both system RAM and GPU VRAM in order to interact with it. Additionally, using GPU video memory directly entails accessing extremely fast speeds and ultimately leading to an improvement in game performance. In summary, this attribute allows games to operate more effectively and seamlessly. There will not be any delays if data is left on the GPU for a few days. In fact, accessing the CPU on top-tier GPUs with fast video memory could potentially result in faster response times.

If you are a gamer, the only thing you will require is support for Resizable-Bar or Smart Access Memory on both your CPU and GPU. Resizable-bar is essential for the functionality of the GPU Upload Heaps as it allows for Windows to directly manage GPU VRAM.

the driver documentation to confirm if the feature is supported. However, most recent AMD drivers should have this feature available for use. Developers can make use of this feature on their systems by updating to the latest driver version for their respective GPUs. They approached their manager at AMD to obtain a driver that had their support.

The newly introduced feature by Microsoft is not likely to be immediately incorporated into games. Developers will require some time to assess whether it offers substantial performance benefits that are worth implementing.

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